Privacy Policy

David Linford Photography totally respect your personal information and will only ask you for what information we really need from you. We will look after it in the same way we would want ours looking after, keeping it safe & secure! We will only share it with others where we need their help in delivering our service to you (such as our professional printing laboratory who may need your name and address to post your purchases). Be assured that we will never share your information in any other circumstances – nor will we sell it on elsewhere! Most of our customer correspondence or personal details are in paper format and subsequently held in a filing system and destroyed or shredded after 3 years. 

As always, all data such as photographs posted on social media platforms, advertising in brochures or leaflets or online websites belonging to David Linford Photography, have written consent or model release signatures. All customers are asked to sign a consent declaration with their wedding contract or relevant model release for displaying their photographs in any online adverts, social media connections or printed format literature.

We have always striven to provide you with clear and simple information about the personal data we collect on our paperwork, how we use, and how we protect your personal data in our Privacy Policy. 

If you would like to discuss any further details regarding our privacy policy please contact us.